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Corsica and the Chasing Aphrodite

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Beautiful Island and an amazing event

The classical start of the season - Corsica! Especially this year kayaking in Corsica was awesome because there was a lot of snow in the mountains. When we arrived we hoped for big water levels but unfortunately it was not warm enough yet. Even though the levels weren't too high, we had good fun paddling the first days.

A few days later it started to rain and the waterlevels raised pretty fast. I have never enjoyed this island that much before! Liamone was blasting high, Travo was full on... It was perfect!

After some wonderful days of high flow our next focus was the race. Chasing Aphrodite Corsica Kayak Extreme Race - organised by S2S and EXO. We just had one day before the race to practice the course but luckily I remembered most of the lines from last year.

Race day

We drove to the Fium Orbo valley and when we came to the race office we were faced with good mood, nice music, happy people and sunshine, a perfect day for a race. I felt ready to go fast! The first run was qualification and I had really good lines. When they told me I was the winner of the qualification it motivated me even more to go fast in the finals.

So I paddled really hard and got some good lines in the beginning but unfortunately I made two or three small mistakes later on. But in the end was quite satisfied with my final run. I still ended up on the second place. The winner of the Chasing Aphrodite was my trainer Gregor Becke - congratulations! He had an incredibly fast time, very strong! Also hands up for Thilo Wietzke for getting third. Thanks to S2S for organising this event!