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Sunny greetings from Norway

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Endless Sunshine

“The average temperature for May has been the warmest in history” and it stayed hot and sunny during our visit (Juni/Juli).

So the waterlevels weren't that high because all the snow was already gone when we arrived. Fortunately, there are some rivers which you can do even or especially with low water. So the low water wasn't too big of a deal because we had so many hours of sunshine.

Three of the S2S-ProTeam members headed to Norway with more suncream than kayaking gear in the car.

1. Andi Brunner aka Andrea il Piccolo

Only two weeks in Norway, Andi Brunner was there for the shortest time. Nevertheless he has returned with the biggest triumph!
Now for the fifth time in Norway, he participated in the Extremsportveko for the first time. So this little guy spent most of his time on rivers near Voss. And it was worth it! He won the Myrkdalselva Downhill Race. Click here for full Results.
Congratulations, you crazy bastard!!
Of course - the Nirvana is a fast boat, but you also need really strong performance to beat top kayakers like Michele Ramazza!
Keep it up man, you're our favourite!

Photo: Märtha Louise Sverdrup
Photo: Märtha Louise Sverdrup

One thing is for sure, Andi does not drive the whole distance to Norway “just“ for a race. It's Norway baby, he had to do some hard creeking stuff too. And of course the Veko includes crazy parties and lots of cool people!

2. Matthias Deutsch aka il Cazzo

Matthias Deutsch had the most versatile month in the north.
He came with a really awesome group to Norway and spent the whole time on epic rivers and festivals.
They joined the Extremesportveko and Sjoa River Festival.
As you can see this group missed no party.

When there was no party that they could enjoy, they went out for really steep shit. First they paddled all the classics in Voss, afterwards they went up north taking some rivers on the way like Ulvaa. Also in the north the waterlevels were quite low but still they found some good stuff!

Photo: Dylan McKinnen

3. Michi Brunner, or as the italians say Michele Brunetti

Michi Brunner gave course at S2S and enjoyed Norway and its heaps of sun.
He had a really good month with Bernhard Steidl, Marieke Vogt and other cool people.
For a short time he met the other guys in Voss and had some fun with them.
In the break days between the courses he paddled together with his brother beautiful rivers like the Raundalselva or the Ostri.
But what is really impressive is that Michi paddles everything in the Rexy. For example he paddled the Marine Canyon and the Skoli with his Rexy! It looks so easy when he is paddling down difficult rapids.