My way to Extreme Kayak European Cup Champion


In this blog post, I tell you what the Extreme Kayaking European Cup is about and how I managed to win it! Cool events, crazy parties, it was an amazing season! Part I: The Bzhuzha RaceThe first part of the … Weiterlesen

Sunny greetings from Norway


Endless Sunshine“The average temperature for May has been the warmest in history” and it stayed hot and sunny during our visit (Juni/Juli). So the waterlevels weren’t that high because all the snow was already gone when we arrived. Fortunately, there … Weiterlesen

A Trip to Georgia


A Trip to GeorgiaThis winter, a friend told me that the Bzhuzha race in Georgia is part of the Extreme Kayaking European Cup 2018. So Tom and I decided to go there. I was really looking forward to this trip! … Weiterlesen

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