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    Beginners Training
    Beginners Training
    Practise the basics!

In our Beginners Training kayaking course we repeat and practise the basics. After a short theoretical revision of the kayaking basics we start out for the river! You'll have a full weekend of practise. We will eddy in and eddy out and eddy in and eddy out and eddy in... until the movements come naturally.

The goal of the course is to train the basics and gain experience on the river. Those who have not attended our Basic course, but have already had some days of kayaking are welcome to join!

Course contents

  • Know your gear! Introduction to the safety equipment, fitting of your kayak and holding the paddle.
  • Capsizing: Safely leave your kayak
  • Paddling straight: forward stroke and body movement
  • Turning: sweep stroke, pullstroke, powerstroke, weight shifting and body rotation
  • Slowing down and paddling backwards
  • Canoe polo basics
  • Short theoretical unit: currents in the river
  • Catching eddies
  • Tyrol
  • Slovenia

To join the Beginners course, you should

  • be able to swim.
  • be generally fit and healthy.
  • be at least 12 years old (we offer special Kid's Courses).
  • Learn all basic techniques.
  • Be able to independently paddle easy rivers.

You already have some experience in kayaking? Check out our Advanced 1 courses!

Please contact us for course dates, more information on courses and if you have any questions!