• Creek 2
    Perfect creeking!
    Creek 2
    Perfect creeking!

Are you confidently paddling class IV white water, hit your lines perfectly and your technique can hardly be improved? Then this is your course! This course is about moving smoothly and swiftly on hard white water.

Paddle your lines without effort but lots of style! We'll show you how and give you valuable tips that will help you on difficult white water and massively increase the fun factor.

Safety is also an important topic in this course. But don't worry - we will not pointlessly be standing around with the throwbag in our hands. Rather, we will consider what kind of safety where and why makes sense and then implement it as quickly as possible. After all, we want to paddle!

We offer our Creek 2 courses in Tyrol, Corsica, Ticino, Norway and the Engadine. Depending on the course location and duration, the course contents vary.

Course information

In the Creek 2 course we assume that technically everything is mastered to confidently paddle WW IV white water. In the course we deal with tactics and give your technique the final touch. The program includes:

  • Analyse lines and paddle precisely
  • Find the fast line
  • Leanboof
  • Safely land after drops
  • Minimise effort by efficient paddling style
  • Maximise pressure on the paddle blade in the crucial moment
  • Tyrol
  • Corsica
  • Ticino
  • Norway
  • Engadine

To join the Creek 2 course, you should

  • confidently paddle class IV white water.
  • have experience in saftey issues.
  • have a bomb proof eskimo roll.
  • Paddle hard white water with ease.
  • Correctly judge rapids and organise the run.
  • Be able to make a saftey concept to run diffiicult white water.

Please contact us for course dates, more information on courses and if you have any questions!