Safety course for white water kayakers

With our safety weekend we offer a kayak specific safety education. Our main focus is to learn how to rescue fast and unscripted by using as less equipment as possible – like in case of emergency!

In contrast to other safety trainings our courses take place on the river and next to the river. We will paddle river sections and learn and practice rescue techniques on the runs. Therefore it is important to name your paddling skills already while booking.

  • Risk management
  • Throw rope clinic
  • Pinning of a boat
  • Pinning of a person
  • Safety kit
  • Rope techniques
  • Practical exercises on rivers around Innsbruck
  • Weir rescue
  • 2 days course with Bernhard Steidl or Luca Daprá
  • Ruetz
  • Brandenberger Ache
  • Sill near Innsbruck
  • Ötztaler Ache
  • Inn


Please contact us for course dates, more information on courses and if you have any questions!