• Engadin Kajakcamp
    Engadine kayak camp
    Creeking the Inn gorges

In the Engadine valley in Switzerland the Inn river runs through its upper gorges. Here we can run world class white water if difficulty III to IV.

Courses and dates

27.08. - 30.08.2020

  • Advanced 2
  • Creek 1

Course info

Intensive white water training

Are you easiliy paddling class II white water and would like to finally kayak class III? Or are you paddling class III anyway but would like to be a bit more confident? This is your course. We show you how much fun some more gradient and water pressure can be when you just rely on your technique.
In this course we focus on clean technique, use of different currents, judging rapids and group safety. We want you to get routine in kayaking class III!

  • Theory: currents in the river
  • On the river: recognise and use of the different currents
  • Control of the kayak: weight shifting and rotation of the upper body
  • Catching eddies: forward stroke and pull stroke
  • Control of the kayak: edging and pressure on the paddle blade
  • Scouting: judging potential dangers and choosing of lines
  • Communication and safety of a group
  • Boofing

To join the Advances 2 course, you should

  • be experienced in paddling class II white water.
  • be able to swim.
  • be generally fit and healthy.
  • Safely and independently paddle class III white water.

The way to paddling class IV!

Paddle your line with ease and a dry spray cover! On class IV white water, you will only hit your line when working with the flow. In the Creek 1 course we take a close look at the currents and then use them for our lines. We analyse the currents and define exactly how to move the body weight and when pressure on the paddle is necessary to precisely run your line. Doing so, you by the way learn how to boof and how to elegantly run drops and stoppers.

  • Being aware of your body movement: Movement of the upper body and use of the paddle
  • Analysing complex lines
  • Timing: precise use of edging and strokes
  • Boofing
  • Using different currents and obstacles in the river for your line
  • Communication and safety of a group

To join the Creek 1 course, you should

  • confidently paddle class III white water.
  • be able to swim.
  • be generally fit and healthy.
  • have a good eskimo roll (80% success rolling up in white water).
  • Safely and independently paddle class IV white water.
  • Get pressure on your paddle blade.
  • Run your lines with precision.

General info and prices

Course fee per Person

€ 360

Rental gear (optional)

€ 100

Please contact us for more information and bookings!