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The Marañón river

The Marañón - the source of the Amazon - is a mighty river running in a gorge deeper than the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. The river flows in northern Peru, linking the Andes to the lowlands of the Amazonas. For kayakers it offers first-class high volume white water and the possibillity to experience multi-day kayaking in an incredible gorge.

Our tour

We will be paddling 300km of white water within 9 days on a self supported basis. The difficulty lays between class II - IV. The first half of the trip will be fairly easy and mainly class II (with two large class IV rapids) which gives us the opportunity to get used to the packed kayaks and the rythm of life on a multi-day trip before the main difficulties start.
The second half of the strech offers powerful white water with a mixture of class III and class IV. The difficulty is depending on the water level and end of October we expect mainly class IV. Life on and at the river will be simple - cook on the fire, sleep under the stars...
All gear we need to eat and sleep will be transported in our kayaks - no raft to support us. On this trip we rely on ourselves!

Our motivation

The mighty Marañón River and its canyon holds a unique ecosystem with a large number of endemic species. The sediment it transports from the Andes nurishes the plains of the Amazonas. Local communities rely on the river. Despite all this, the Marañón River is threatened by 20 large dam projects. They would cut the connection to the Amazonas, drown large parts of the canyon and take the homes of thousands of people. To protect the Marañón, the kayaker Benjamin Webb - who joins our trip - has started the NGO "Marañón Waterkeeper". Our work for the Free Rivers Fund got us connected to the Marañón Waterkeeper, and now we are determined to show this beautiful Peruvian river to as many kayakers as possible!

General info

We are offering a guided multiday trip of a total of 13 days, with 9 days on the river. The kayaking will be fully self-supported, so expect to carry everything you need for 9 days of kayaking in your boat. We will meet in Trujillo one day before the start of our trip. Here we will buy the food and items we need on the river and devide the common luggage.

  • Day 1 - Arrive in Lima and overnight bus to Trujillo (or connecting flight).
  • Day 2 - Arrive in Trujillio. Prepare for the kayak trip: buy food and other items needed, send the kayaks to the put-in in Chagual. Overnight stay in a hotel in Trujillo.
  • Day 3 - Fly to Chagual 7am. Start kayaking!
  • Day 4 - Kayaking day 2.
  • Day 5 - Kayaking day 3.
  • Day 6 - Kayaking day 4.
  • Day 7 - Kayaking day 5.
  • Day 8 - Kayaking day 6.
  • Day 9 - Kayaking day 7.
  • Day 10 - Kayaking day 8.
  • Day 11 - Kayaking day 9.
  • Day 12 - Arrive at the take-out in Puerto Malleta and drive to Jaén. Overnight stay in hotel.
  • Day 13 - Leave Jaén by bus or fly out.

A bomb proof eskimo roll and solid kayaking skills are required for this adventure.
You should feel comfortable on high volume class IV white water. The general skill level we are asking for corresponds to our Creek 1 courses. Additionally, there should be no doubts about your eskimo roll as we carry all gear needed in our kayaks. You do not need to have experience in multi-day kayaking trips.

The team will consist of 4 guides, Marieke, Bernie and Vera from SOURCE TO SEA and Benjamin Webb, the advocate of the Marañón River. Benjamin is a professional river guide and environmental engineer from Australia. He founded the Marañón Waterkeeper NGO and now works with the organisation to protect the Marañón.

For the logistics to and from the river we are cooperating with the local company "Marañón Experience". They take care of the transport from the meeting point in Trujillo to the river and back. To get to Trujillo you have to fly to Lima and from there either take a second flight to Trujillo Airport or travel by bus. The inner Peruvian flight is only possible if you travel without kayak and rent a boat from our partners. If you prefer to bring your own kayak, then the "Marañón Experience" crew will help you getting to Trujillo with your kayak (overnight shipping of the kayak and overnight bus for you).

13. - 25. October 2019
Meeting in Lima Sunday, October 13th. Alternatively in Trujillo on Tuesday, October 14th.
Departing home from Jaén on Friday, October 25th.

Prices and booking

Tour fee per person

€ 2450

Rental gear (optional)

Rental gear will be provided by our partners "Marañón Experience". Any gear from kayak to sleeping bag can be rented. Please get in touch for a complete list of gear and prices.

Kayak for the trip:
€ 265 (300$)

Complete set of kayaking gear for the trip:
€ 530 (600$)

Transport Lima - Trujillo (optional)

We assist you to send your kayak from Lima Airport to Trujillo and book an overnight bus for you. This transportation cost is to be paid in Lima (rates given here are approximate).

Transport kayak Lima - Trujillo
€ 150

Overnight bus

€ 38

Included in our course fee are the following services:

  • Guiding: there will be 3 professional white water guides and a maximum of 4 participants per guide.
  • Benjamin Webb as local guide.
  • Donation to the villages alongside the Marañón.
  • Kayak transport from Trujillo to the put-in.
  • Flight from Trujillo to the put-in.
  • Hotel stay in Trujillo.
  • Transport of the group and the kayaks from the take-out to Jaén.
  • Hotel stay in Jaén.

Not included is:

  • Our food and beverages.
  • Optional rental gear.
  • Optional transport (incl. or excl. kayak) by bus from Lima (Airport) to Trujillo.
  • Transport/departure from Jaén (for example to Lima Airport).

For this trip, a minimum of 6 participants is required and our booking deadline is August 1st. In August we will then have a preliminary kayaking weekend in Ötz valley for the group to meet prior to the trip. So please book your flight to Peru only after the meeting.
If you have any questions then please get in touch!

Confluir – the documentary about the Marañón

This documentary film explains the uniqueness of the Marañón and gives an idea of why we should go there now to kayak. Watch this film to prepare for the trip!

"In Peru, the headwaters of the Amazon River cut through the Andes Mountains and help sustain resident communities as well as the most diverse ecosystem on Earth. As the energy demands of Peru increase, the currently free flowing Marañón River faces over 20 proposed dam projects, two of which have already been approved. Our international team of scientists and river experts spent 28 days rafting the Marañón while documenting the natural and cultural resources that would be eminently impacted by proposed dam projects." - Marañón Waterkeeper



Any questions?

For more information please get in touch!