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    Oetz valley creeking camp 2020
    The place to be in autumn!

At our Oetz valley creeking camp we will have two different course levels – Creek 1 and Creek 2. The Creek 1 course will mainly take place on the lower and upper Oetz river, the slalom course in Oetz as well as on the lower Venter Ache. With our Creek 2 course we will be paddling a bit harder sections, like middle Oetz or the Wellerbrücke.

Courses and dates

We offer our Oetz valley kayak camps in September and October. This is the time of year the river changes its character from high volume to low volume. So you can choose what to get: the earlier you come, the more pushy it is. Expect brown melt water in mid September and a crystal clear low volume creek end of October. These are our dates:

01 - 04 October 2022

  • Creek 1
  • Creek 2
06 - 09 October 2022

  • Creek 1
  • Creek 2
13 - 16 October 2023

  • Creek 1
  • Creek 2

Course info

The way to paddling class IV!

Paddle your line with ease and a dry spray cover! On class IV white water, you will only hit your line when working with the flow. In the Creek 1 course we take a close look at the currents and then use them for our lines. We analyse the currents and define exactly how to move the body weight and when pressure on the paddle is necessary to precisely run your line. Doing so, you by the way learn how to boof and how to elegantly run drops and stoppers.

  • Being aware of your body movement: Movement of the upper body and use of the paddle
  • Analysing complex lines
  • Timing: precise use of edging and strokes
  • Boofing
  • Using different currents and obstacles in the river for your line
  • Communication and safety of a group

To join the Creek 1 course, you should

  • confidently paddle class III white water.
  • be able to swim.
  • be generally fit and healthy.
  • have a good eskimo roll (80% success rolling up in white water).
  • Safely and independently paddle class IV white water.
  • Get pressure on your paddle blade.
  • Run your lines with precision.

Perfect creeking!

Are you confidently paddling class IV white water, hit your lines perfectly and your technique can hardly be improved? Then this is your course! This course is about moving smoothly and swiftly on hard white water.

Paddle your lines without effort but lots of style! We'll show you how and give you valuable tips that will help you on difficult white water and massively increase the fun factor.

Safety is also an important topic in this course. But don't worry - we will not pointlessly be standing around with the throwbag in our hands. Rather, we will consider what kind of safety where and why makes sense and then implement it as quickly as possible. After all, we want to paddle!

In the Creek 2 course we assume that technically everything is mastered to confidently paddle WW IV white water. In the course we deal with tactics and give your technique the final touch. The program includes:

  • Analyse lines and paddle precisely
  • Find the fast line
  • Leanboof
  • Safely land after drops
  • Minimise effort by efficient paddling style
  • Maximise pressure on the paddle blade in the crucial moment

To join the Creek 2 course, you should

  • confidently paddle class IV white water.
  • have experience in saftey issues.
  • have a bomb proof eskimo roll.
  • Paddle hard white water with ease.
  • Correctly judge rapids and organise the run.
  • Be able to make a saftey concept to run diffiicult white water.

General info and prices

Our courses include 4 days of kayaking. On the first day of the course we meet at parking of the slalom course in Oetz at 10:00h.

Course fee per Person

€ 340

Rental gear (optional)

€ 100

Please contact us for more information and bookings!