Bernhard Steidl

Thanks to my parents I am sitting in a kayak since being a child. Starting as a hobby, kayaking soon became my calling. With my courses I try to show the participants how much kayaking is. Wether it is easy or hard whitewater – I enjoy every day in the boat and am thankful for having this job. In the past years I could collect some outstanding descents like the first descent of the upper Ruetz gorges, multiple complete descents of the “Achstürze” in Oetz Valley and the successful expedition “Sturzfahrt vom Nanga Parbat” – being the first complete descent of the Rondu gorge of the Indus river.

Marieke Vogt

Marieke – kayak school boss, Source to Sea veteran, Big Mama of River Conservation and the best kayaker you’ve probably never heard of. Marieke is incredibly good at boating, but doesn’t like to make a big fuss about it. She explains the world and the river to us and her kayak students in very Marieke-specific visual language and is an incredibly patient kayak instructor – provided the chocolate supply is secured. Together with Bernie, she started WET and the Free Rivers Fund and has always been committed to the preservation of rivers – when she is not boating, climbing, scaling mountain peaks with or without skis, and keeping our website up to date.

Anne Steinkogler

We should have asked her earlier, because since Anne joined our team, we can do everything and look good at the same time! She makes sure you always find everything you need in our shop. But above all, she is a huge graphic talent, has designed all our logos and lettering and can also take photos. Anne is the smallest kayaker in our team, so you can get advice on all things size XS from her. In 2021, she will have completed her master's degree in architecture and who knows if she will soon design her own houseboat?

Luca Dapra

Luca is one of our most versatile kayak instructors. Having grown up in canoe slalom, Luca has been concentrating fully on whitewater sports for several years. On the side, he is active in mountain rescue and is an accomplished alpinist. When you are out in the white water with Luca, you can fully rely on him and count on him being there when you need him! It is not for nothing that he was given the nickname “Supa-Luca” during a kayak course. He specialises in safety courses, technique training and river running courses. When he’s not in a kayak or climbing a mountain, he takes care of the organisation of the OETZ TROPHY – Extreme Kayak Championships, which has taken place annually in the Oetz Valley since 2021.