Matthias Deutsch

Matthias Deutsch is from South Tyrol and started kayaking as a kid. He was a slalom kayaker for a long time and since Matthi discovered the whitewater, he is almost all the time on the water. He is a very strong paddler! To go kayaking with him is amazing. He makes you have (lots of) fun and you feel totally safe and comfortable on the river. Matthi also competes at many whitewater races and is really fast! His passion for kayaking is fascinating. It’s the mix of nature, sport and friends what he loves about kayaking.

Michiel De Ruytter

I count myself very lucky that my parents passed me on their passion for the outdoors at a very young age. When I was 12 years old my dad started to teach me kayaking. Unfortunately, there is not much to do in Belgium as a whitewater kayaker. After 5 years of barely any paddling I came back to it with more eagerness than ever before. Last couple of years I’ve spent more time abroad than at home, always trying to charge as hard as possible on the water. I always look for the biggest holes in the river to boof or potentially get smashed in. After all I’m just a small human being with a very big smile when I get to experience the beauty and the power of nature from on the water.

Janosch Team S2S

Janosch Plathner

Janosch is a very active whitewater paddler and has already been in many places like Canada, Columbia, Norway,… He enjoys being on the water and is a really strong kayaker. Paddling with him is awesome because Janosch knows when it’s time to push and when it’s time to be cautious. That’s why you feel so safe when you go on a river with him. He is not so much into racing even though he is pretty fast. He is the winner of the Loferrodeo Boater-X in 2016.

Daniel Haller

„Thanks“ to a knee injury, I discovered Kayaking when I was 14. Since then I am addicted to this sport.I feel uncomfortable when I don’t have the possibility to hold a paddle in my hand for a longer period of time. In the beginning of my Kayaking career, I spent a lot of time in a Slalom boat, as Athlete and Trainer. The last 7 years my focus was more on Whitewater Kayaking. It is uniqe to be in nature with friends and to face challenges there. It is unbelievable how fast one can forget the stress once you are at the put-in of a river. See you on the water.

Michi Brunner

Michi Brunner is a very strong austrian whitewater paddler. He grew up in a Kayak-Family and started kayaking at a young age. Michi is a relaxed guy who always makes you calm down, no matter what’s going on. Paddling difficult sections with him is very nice because he always has an eye on you and never gets nervous. He is not much into racing, Michi is more the type of paddler who enjoys whitewater and styles the river with as little strokes as possible.

Max Mössinger

Max hat unter der Woche einen super seriösen Bürojob und zwei kleine Kinder daheim – was ihn alles nicht davon abhält, am Wochenende bei uns ordentlich mit anzupacken. Er ist seit fünf Jahren Raftguide und hat bevor er zu uns kam im wohl größten Rafting-Moloch Österreichs gearbeitet – er weiß also wie der Hase läuft! Der gebürtige Bayer bringt viel Rafting-Routine und Sicherheitsempfinden mit – und ist nach Feierabend immer noch für einen Run im Kajak auf der Ruetz zu begeistern.

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