Lena Grüb


Do you know Lena? You may have seen her on the river or heard her name in a campfire story… Kayaking for her is not just the sport itself. The people, traveling, roadtripping and the lifestyle are at least as … Weiterlesen

Janosch Plathner


Janosch is a very active whitewater paddler and has already been in many places like Canada, Columbia, Norway,… He enjoys being on the water and is a really strong kayaker. Paddling with him is awesome because Janosch knows when it’s … Weiterlesen

Matthias Deutsch


Matthias Deutsch is from South Tyrol and started kayaking as a kid. He was a slalom kayaker for a long time and since Matthi discovered the whitewater, he is almost all the time on the water. He is a very … Weiterlesen

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